DELTA institutions DELTA for teaching and learning
The DELTA is a measurement of English language proficiency that is tracked over a period of time and as such can be a useful learning tool for students, especially if teachers work closely with their students to help them establish individualized learning pathways based on the diagnostic feedback in the DELTA Report. By discussing the Report with their teacher, students can prioritise areas for self-study. Teachers can also help their students to select the appropriate learning materials to address their relative areas of weakness.

  • for placement into streams for English language enhancement provision
  • to provide students with information on which to base their choice of elective English language enhancement programmes
  • to provide institutions with a way of monitoring students’ progress in English language proficiency enhancement
  • to provide a mechanism by which students can design their own independent learning programme thereby gaining maximum benefit from institutions self-access language learning facilities

For more information on how institutions are using DELTA, interested parties should visit our own English Language Centre and the Centres of our partner institutions:

The Centre for English and Additional Languages, Lingnan University of Hong Kong
Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University

As the use of DELTA grows among institutions in Hong Kong, it is expected that its currency between institutions will also grow, enabling it to become a recognizable and essential tool for students, teachers and institutions alike

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