DELTA institutions results & reports
The DELTA Report Once students have taken the DELTA, the DELTA System generates individual DELTA Reports giving diagnostic feedback. The DELTA Report contains the following:
  • A DELTA Measure - this is a scaled proficiency level. Initially, students should aim to improve their score in relative terms. In time the DELTA Measure will be linked to other measures of English proficiency.

  • A Component Skills Profile - this shows the language skills that students are comparatively stronger or weaker in, i.e. listening, reading, grammar or vocabulary.

  • A Component Diagnostic Report - this shows the subskills of language that the student was tested on and whether or not these subskills caused them problems. Using the Report, teachers can give advice to students and direct them to possible English subjects that they could take, online materials they could access or other relevant resources they can use.
Click here to see a sample DELTA Report.
The DELTA Tracking System
  • The DELTA is taken at intervals, usually once per year. Upon receipt of each DELTA Report the student will be asked to set their target score for the next time they take the DELTA.
  • Each time a student retakes the DELTA, the DELTA System remembers their previous performance(s) and provides them with test questions that are suited to their proficiency level. This will enable them to best demonstrate their proficiency.
  • The system tracks their progress and informs them of whether or not they are “on track” to meet their target DELTA Measure. The System also provides a predicted track so that you students can judge whether their progress is sufficient to meet their target.
Click here to see a sample DELTA Track.

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