DELTA teachers DELTA for teaching
The DELTA is a measurement of English language proficiency that is tracked over a period of time and as such has not been designed specifically for classroom teaching purposes. The DELTA can be a useful learning tool for students, especially if teachers work closely with their students to help them establish individualized learning pathways based on the diagnostic feedback in the DELTA Reports. By discussing the Report with their teacher, students can prioritise areas for self-study. Teachers can also help their students to select the appropriate learning materials to address their relative areas of weakness.

Although the DELTA is not designed for ‘high stakes’ purposes, specific teaching and learning decisions are made by institutions based on the results. It is therefore important to maintain test security of the DELTA and to ensure that the validity of the system is not compromised. Teachers should not disclose any test items to their students and should carefully monitor students when invigilating the DELTA in a computer lab.

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