DELTA about delta about the system
The DELTA Tests

The DELTA Report
All test takers receive a full report on their performance in the DELTA including:
  • A DELTA Measure
    This is a scaled proficiency level calculated from the scores that the test taker gets on the four tests of the DELTA.
  • A Component Skills Profile
    This shows the language skills that the test taker is comparatively stronger or weaker in, i.e. listening, reading, grammar or vocabulary
  • A Component Diagnostic Report
    This shows the subskills of language that the test taker was tested on and whether or not these subskills caused them problems
Click here to view a sample DELTA Report.
The DELTA Tracking System

The DELTA is taken at intervals, usually once per year. Each time the test taker retakes the DELTA, the system remembers them and provides them with a new assessment that is suited to their proficiency level. The system also tracks each test takerís progress and informs them of whether or not they are ďon track?to meet their target DELTA Measure.
Click here to view a sample DELTA Track.
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